Monday, March 28, 2011

a perfect ending

Friday, I received a message from Key West Rentals indicating the management had changed hands for our Villa.  Mind you everyone else's stay would not be affected, but ours was one of the few proprieties that would be.  <Sigh>  If you remember closely or read my facebook rants, this is the second time we have changed our plans in where we are staying.  You would have thought with a long engagement, I would know exactly where we were staying months ago, but we are 6 months out and are unsure of where to stay.  We love the Southernmost, but after a significant rate change it had sent us packing and to the idea of renting a house/villa/cottage/what-have-you.  We ARE staying at the Southernmost before and after the wedding, but we wanted a house rental where we could have a "staging area for the flowers" and a "regrouping area" from the chaos that will surely surround the big day.  After googling and researching I found Heather's 2 months later...the hunt is on again. 

If you recall from my previous post Where should we stay , I told guests and friends about a beautiful Inn that I had fallen in love with and was envious we wouldn't be staying at. We researched it and thought it was more than we needed and wanted, but in a complete turn of's perfect.  So ladies and gentleman, we have our perfect suite at the Jasmine House in the Garden Suite.  There is also a Tree Top Suite which is amazing.  There are other rooms in the B&B next door to us if guests would like to stay in the house as us from $75 a night. CALL Toll Free 1 (877) 413-5299 

So just maybe.. everything may happen for a reason after all! I hope friends or family can stay next to us, but if not we'll be a few steps away. 

Isn't it funny how a rough road actually will lead you to a perfect ending.  Has this happened to you?  It really makes you appreciate each bump for you know the end will be worth every bump or rough patch you hit.

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