Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How do you sniffle?

I have a very serious blog and an issue James and I have been dealing with for years.  I have realized in my 30 years that there are two types of sick people.  Let me explain, when I was a child my mother would baby us and over mother us when we were sick.  She would make us a "sick couch" and bring us mashed potatoes while we laid on the couch watching day time television (wooohoooo the PRICE is RIGHT, Days when it was actually good, and of course Save by the bell).  She would check on us often and made us feel more loved than a new puppy!

So back to my theory, there are two types of sick people:

Type #1 the "it's all in your head" sick person.
      This person takes the necessary medicine in order to lessen the illness, jumps in the shower, and heads off to work or to school.  When someone mentions,"are you a little sick" they shake it off and explain it's nothing.  They might go to the gym after work to "sweat it out" and then head home never mentioning their many symptoms to anyone. Eventually, they begin to feel better and they feel proud of overcoming the flu/sickness.

Type #2 the"I think it's the bird flu" sick person.
      This person wakes up moaning.  They wake up their partner and demand to be held and taken care of.  They drag themselves into the shower sniffling and possibly crying.  They usually go to work but tell everyone from the UPS guy to the coworkers and all of their facebook friends how sick they are.  They drag through their day to go straight home to bed or the couch.  Phone calls to their mother are often no matter their age and whining is constant.

I realize you are either shaking your head to one of these OR you think you are somewhere in-between the two (you are are number's ok...I am here to help).  Here's the problem when a type 1 and a type 2 get married, the type 2 thinks the type 1 is the devil and inconsiderate.   James is a devil type 1 and I am a type 2.  I need to be hugged and taken care of.  He pats me on the shoulder and tells me to suck it up.  We have now come to a negotiation when I am sick, I am only allowed to cry complain after I have taken medicine.  It's our rule, and it's one of the many compromises we have made to better serve each other and not kill on another (him more so killing me out of constant whining).

So my question for you tonight, are you a number 1 or a number 2? ME...I am sick right now...waaaahhhhhhh....and I am pretty sure I ammmmmm   ddddyyyyyyiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. :)

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