Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh yes another dress!

Nicole Miller Gown

What another dress? I heard you. Well...most of you know I have been searching for a fun sexy dress for after the wedding.  Our wedding is ending at 10pm which is (for us) very early.  While we are not planning to stay out all night we would like to spend time with friends and family who are up for the last drink or dance of the night at the fun bars of Key West.  SO I have been stalking sample sale sites and Ebay in hopes of finding one under $50 ( I know ...fat chance).  It seems I am always a minute too late for most dresses I love, until I had been hoping for a short playful dress which would have the other features I had hoped for in my wedding dress.  I am a huge fan of Nicole Miller Gowns, but I didn't "see" myself wearing one for the wedding.  Today I found an amazing Michelle Jonas gown which resembled the Nicole Miller one I have been stalking BUT it was more casual (hello perfect for the Keys).  Now my question is I love the dress so much should I wear it for our rehearsal instead so I can wear it longer? Or should I wear it for the "after party?"  Decisions...decisions...
My new dress in 7-10 days...ummm and not under $50
What do you think?

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  1. It's so pretty! I'm so happy for you two. <3 Bree


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