Friday, September 16, 2011

Crisis evaded once again

Last weekend, I woke up Sunday morning as usual.  I walked Daisy May and came back to start my coffee.  I sat on the couch turned the tv on as usual and checked my email only to be stunned by a bride-to-be's worst nightmare weeks before her wedding.  Yes, I lost a diamond out of my ring.  Why is this such a crisis, you ask.  A. umm the obvious, diamonds are not cheap and we are not rich.  B. jewelers are usually too busy to turn over a sizing job within a week let alone a detailed repair.  Ugh...

So Monday morning, Jimmy and I began our errands.  We had to go to the DMV to make sure he would have proper ID when needed at the courthouse for our marriage license (that would have been a bummer).  Then off to the jeweler...well...I won't go into the detail but let's just say it started off very rocky and I almost had words with a certain female counter person.  BUT then a jeweler who actually showed some compassion came to our rescue.  He told us we were actually missing 3 diamonds from my ring and being my ring is so unique it may not be ready in time.  See my diamond has these little prongs that run along the sides and front which hold the delicate diamonds into place (guh-reat ring for someone who's middle name is grace).  He said he would make some calls and see what he can do.  Sadly we left without my ring... :( and I went the rest of the day/week without a diamond on my hand (which actually caused a commotion with people who see me everyday..."are you ok"..."is everything ok" took me a minute to figure out what they were referring to).

Well, we got the call the jeweler had fixed my ring and actually donated the diamonds!!! I would just be responsible for the work costs (which wasn't cheap...but wasn't the price of three diamonds).  I am proud to say, I have my ring and it is more beautiful than ever!!! I forgot how much it sparklers brand new!  So what did we learn ladies and gentlemen...when bartending your way through nursing school leave your ring around your neck or at home (might make more tips...j/k)!

Wheeew...that was a close one!

For those of you that do not know our story of my ring, here is our actual review of our jeweler...

"We originally went to Michael Fina to purchase my engagement ring. We felt pressured to buy a ring I wasn't 100% in love with. The salesperson actually said I was expecting too much out of the experience meaning I was expecting to fall in love at first sight and feel the earth move while fireworks went off. Being the romantic I am, that bummed me out to say the least. So we opted to "think" about it and do more research. Walking down the block away we stumbled into Raffi to just look. We met John who explained diamond buying to us in the fullest detail. He let us compare diamonds side by side to see the advantages of the cuts and clarity. This also allowed us to find what mattered the most to us. But that's not what I loved about the experience. I have looked at a lot of rings and a lot of jewelry shops, but when I glanced down and saw "my ring" I knew it was the one and I did indeed have that moment I was looking for. From that point on, we built the main centerpiece. I am in love with my ring, and I have been ever since that day. Not a day goes by I don't admire it or appreciate Raffi Jewelry for my ring. They will see us again very soon in the future for our next (and all) jewelry purchases."

Happy weekend!! 2 more weeks!!!!

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