Thursday, September 1, 2011

The one...and a month to go

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So....1 month from right this second I will be walking down the aisle !!  What have  I decided to write about today...MY DRESS and finding the one!

So when we are little girls some play bride.  I. did.  My Barbie got married more than Liza, and I would dream about weddings and family any chance I could get. To say the least I was on the hunt for my husband as soon as I discovered boys ( 6 years of age).  To say I searched and hunted is an understatement.  Everyone says when you meet that person you just know.  I didn't, but I did know I met a friend for life.  After being friends and talking through the nights, I started to have "how did he know that" moments.  He would say things and descibe his perfect relationship as I had in previous conversations with people from my past...but wait he would say it word for word.  I remember the first time he did it, and I am not going to lie my world shifted for the first time in my life. Then I was freaked out..and the questions followed..."could it be"..."could he be"...."what if I screw it up"..."what if he screws it up"...and then he would say "my words" again. And I knew he was the one. 

Wedding dress...I think a wedding dress should not only represent you as a person but the battle you went through to find that "one."  It should also be something that your "one" finds attractive.  He hates lace...I love lace.  Sigh.  My first love was a lace sweetheart cut gown by Priscilla of Boston. I knew it was out of my price range and it had that "lace" issue. I then thought of our neighborhood designer Angelo Lamburd, but he too was out of my budget. So the shopping started...I found a Jenny Packham gown I loved but the "girls" didn't fit.  Here are a few pictures of those days of trying on dresses.
Jenny Packham...damn those girls...

Maggie ...and my first runner up

My second runner up

And then we went to Priscila of Boston one morning with my good pal Al

Amy Michaelson...and a $100 down payment lost...

And then the search was on to find the 3K dress for  less...

And I did...

It was still a little big, so I had it altered to a snug fit and changed it to be unique.  You'll have to wait to see that;).  

Today with one month to go until our big day I was sad to see "Priscilla of Boston" is closing their doors for good.  As a Melissa Sweet/Priscilla of Boston bride it saddens my heart.  They were so amazing to me,and it saddens me a "Wal-mart" of the wedding industry "David's Bridal has now taken them over.  I was lucky to have bought my dress from someone who had personally worked under Melissa Sweet in NYC and later relocated to Ca.  The cards lined up for me and my dress just like they did for me and my "one."  

Who is Priscilla of the Priscilla of Boston? "Priscilla of Boston started after Priscilla Kidder graduated from the New England School of Design. She opened her shop on Newbury Street and quickly rose to become an internationally recognized expert.
“She really changed the way that people look at the wedding industry,’’ said Salwa Khoory, co-owner of L’Elite on Newbury Street. “She was Vera Wang before there was Vera Wang. The closest comparison I could make now is Oscar de la Renta. That’s how respected her work was.’’

Kidder cemented her reputation when she designed the 1956 wedding of Grace Kelly to Monaco‘s Prince Rainier. She went on to design dresses for presidential daughters Luci Baines Johnson, and Julie and Tricia Nixon. She died in 2003 at 86."

So I will always be proud to say I am a Priscilla of Boston/Melissa Sweet bride.  

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