Wedding Info and Event Schedule

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Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? It's almost time for all of us to gather in Key West in our celebration as we become man and wife.  We would love to hear from you when you arrive, but in case we miss you we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Welcome BBQ!  See you soon!!

Here is a list of events for the week:

Wednesday-  Bride and Groom arrive to Key West, Fla.
Thursday-     Bridal Shower -7 pm-Gingerbread Pool and Lounge @ The Southernmost Hotel, 1319 Duval Street
                                  Hosted by Jennifer McDermott , Melissa Second, Erin Geraghty, Michelle Byerly, Sara Maloney

Friday-     Please join us for our "Welcome to Key West BBQ" hosted by Bill and Darlene Tobin 
             *All guests are welcomed for food, introductions, and fun.  Please come by to say hello.
                       7pm   918-920 Center Street, Key West Fl 33040

Saturday-   our wedding! @ 5:30pm (hint..hint...come early to enjoy the steel drums)
                       The Southernmost Resort,1319 Duval Street, Key West, Fla (follow the drums to the beach)
Sunday-      relax, relax, relax
Monday-    some more relaxing :)
Tuesday-   The Bride and Groom leave Key West,Fla


Jimmy and Elena 

Thanks and much LOVE!