Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Guest Book

Something I have always loved is a great photo! I take pictures where ever I go.  I think it's because I have a bad memory and I like to relfect on the photo and remember the good times.  One of the the saddest things I have witnesses with our every growing technology is the online sharing sites...only because it has replaced the photo albums.  I remember as a young girl (maybe 4 or so) I would sit with my Granny and look at all of her family albums.  She had one for each child..each separate family.  I loved to look through our family story.  I loved to see how young and beautiful my mom and dad were when my brothers were born and how happy everyone was.  I loved seeing the history of my Granny and all of my aunts and uncles.  They all had such interesting and amazing lives to me as a child (and still do now).  There were photos of my granny on the beach with flowers in her hair and my mom with my brother at Disney rocking a tube top onezie! While I love the fact that I can share my photos with my family and friends with a touch of a button now, and I am sure you and 100's of others will see me in my gown minutes after I say "I do" thanks to facebook, twitter, and shutterfly, I am somewhat saddened I don't take enough time to print out more photos and place them into albums for myself and my future children.

One for you...one for us
Which brings me to the guest book,  by now you can see how important a photo guest book is to me.  I want to be able to tell my children who was at their parent's wedding and show them what they were wearing! I first had the idea of Polaroids.  I loved the idea that guest could photograph each other and slap their photos next to their message to put their seal and blessing on our big day. Just one problem.  Polaroids are almost extinct.  Making Polaroid guest books are very close to becoming extinct and  scary expensive.  Which brought me to a photo booth! A photo booth where guests wouldn't have to worry about cutting themselves out of the picture or developing it wrong or asking someone to take it for them! They would be able to pile into the booth and wait 2 minutes to have 4 pictures to place in the guest book and then keep a copy to take home.  I fell in love with this idea.  Sounds too good to be true...it is...no one else loved the idea so much...and it was much more expensive than we had hoped.  So back we went to the Polaroids which will work and will serve the purpose of what we are wanting to achieve. <insert big girl sigh>

 I guess I was starting to lean towards my original dream wedding by adding the photo booth...my BIG FISH wedding.  Big Fish is one of my favorite movies, and it reminds me of my father.  I love the scene in the small town with the little girl stealing everyone shoes so they can't leave.  <Sigh>  Don't get me wrong I love or wedding, but I wish I could incorporate both the beach and the big fish feel.  Any one ideas that are free? Ya...I didn't think so... ;) David Tutera-save me?

What about you? What are some of your memories from childhood you are incorporating in your dream wedding?

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