Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy first day of spring!

Spring is in the air! Yesterday, I spent the day stuffing 52 invitations and next weekend I plan on putting the final touches on them sending them on their way.  Then daisy and I played fetch in our backyard.  These are my dream days.  It's funny when winter came this year, I got excited, because every season change is a season closer to our big day!! And when I heard the first bird of the season chirp away, I bolted out of bed (even with 3 hours of sleep from my 2nd job).  It still awe strikes me that James and I will be having our dream wedding.'s not at Disney or has a Big Fish theme BUT it is our dream day because we will be sharing it with our friends and family.  I have to constantly tell myself to slow down and enjoy this time in our life and cherish every day(even the stressful ones).  These are the good ol' days.  So, to all of my friends, followers, and family...go enjoy your Sunday and make it a great day!

What does Spring mean to you?

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