Tuesday, March 29, 2011

October 1st

With under 200 days to go and 6 months more of planning, it surpirses me how insignificant our date actually was to us prior to the planning process.  Of course after October 1st, that date will mean something very special to my fiance and I for the rest of our lives but I was surpirsed to had chosen a date that I knew nothing about.  First, we had wanted to select a date that had meant something to me from as a tribute to my father...for instance his birthdate (Jan 25) or my grandmother's birthdate. Then we realized we might be able to have 11/11/11 and that became our top winner, but after researching all of the dates and "off season" vs "season" pricing on flights and hotel stays we realized we couldn't make any of those dates work and wanted the stay to be as affordable for our guests as possible. So, then we asked...what is an available date that is in your off season but not in the dead of summer...the venue's response was...October 1st. Perfect...we'll take it.  Unfortunately, hours after signing the contract I reaized that was the date I had lost a best friend on and it just so happened to be my fiance's ex girlfriend's birthday...sign...but now it will be our wedding anniversary as well. :) My best friend would be happy I am changing a bad day into a happy day in my and so many friends we share lives, and frankly exes are exes for a reason. :) But this has led me to wonder..what else has taken place on that date... Wikipedia...here I come.

 To my surprise being the Disney Freak I am , Walt Disney World opened in 1971 on October 1st!  We went there every year growing up as a child, and if I had an unlimited budget and David Tutuera answered any of my many letters, we would be getting married there.  Disney has a huge spot in my heart for it reminds me of my father and a very happy childhood I had.  Even the word makes me smile now as I am typing it.  I am a hopeless romantic and still watch every Disney love story with a warm heart and a sense of wonder.  I screamed when I say Beauty and Beast has been released from the evil "Disney Vault."  And on another Disney side note, Epcot center opened on October 1st, 1982. 

So what else happened on October 1st...many things but here is a brief list...

  • 331 BCAlexander the Great defeats Darius III of Persia in the Battle of Gaugamela.

  • 1869Austria issues the world's first postcards.

  • 1903Baseball: The Boston Americans play the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first game of the modern World Series.

  • 1957 – First appearance of In God We Trust on U.S. paper currency.

  • 1982 – Sony launches the first consumer compact disc player (model CDP-101).

  • Moving Day (New York City from the mid-19th century to c.1945)

  • World Vegetarian Day

  • Children's Day (Singapore)

  • Earliest day on which World Habitat Day can fall, while October 7 is the latest; celebrated on the first Monday of October. (International)

  • But now October 1st will be the best day of my life for I will be marrying my best friend and lover...  Isn't it funny how a date can change and be significant or insignificant in the matter of a year? It just shows to respect each day of your life because you never know when it too will be significant the next year.  What history falls on your date?

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