Saturday, April 2, 2011


So last week, James and I conquered the invites.  We decided to print them ourselves, because we wanted the wording to represent us and with shipping and everything $7 an invite is just too crazy for us to spend.  So, we found amazing invites and ventured on a Black Friday with a 40% off coupon to capture them.  

So they sat in our "evil wedding closet" until last week. We imagined it would be a simple task and didn't think our printer was evil...but it is.  

So James and I take a week to choose the exact wording for not only our invites but also our RSVP's and I am happy with what we decided.  We googled and read every wedding blog and website on the web I think.

For our invites:

Two lives, two hearts joined together in 
friendship united forever in love. 

It is with joy that we,


invite you to share in a celebration of love as we exchange our marriage vows

Saturday, the first of October
Five thirty in the afternoon

The Southernmost Hotel and Resort
1319 Duval Street, Key West, Florida

And the RSVP's we wanted something fun and cute that let our guests express their personalities, but still showed enough respect to our wedding.  Here is what we decided on :

Reserve your spot on the beach by
June 1, 2011

___ Save us a beach chair!
__ Sorry, but have a margarita for us!

We’re planning on staying at _____________________,
arriving ________ and bidding farewell ________.

Please provide us with an email address to contact you.

And your creative reply is requested on the back!

We are really happy how they turned out..however our printer went to the dark side that night.  So what started out as a "fun" project with the two of us left us frustrated and confused.  It took us 5 hours but we got there.  

After we printed all of the invites and another day had dawned, we began to assemble them.  Note the wine in the background... and a word of advise to any soon-to-be-bride out there, this is a 5 day job.  The next night, I addressed all of them...ok..ok...most of them two of them are still on my coffee table but I am still waiting for the addresses...MOM! :)

So the majority of them are in the mail..WOOOHOOOO! But with like every other bride in the world after the invites go out the Guest List begins to show how deeply evil it can really, really be.  Ugh...To. Be. Continued.

What about you? Is your printer evil?  Any small job turned into a monster this week for you?

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