Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I blame you Barbie!

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I often look back at when I was a child and remember how I imagined my life would like in 20 years.  I look back and try to remember the life I made for Barbie and Ken before real life taught me what really defined a relationship.  Do you remember Barbie and Ken?  Barbie was only  concerned with her outfits, sunbathing by the pool, and spending time with her friends.  She loved Ken more than anything else in the world, but he wasn't her main priority. She had jewels..clothes..and ca

rs.  She was the center of Ken’s world and Ken adored her.  It makes me wonder who taught us to “think” like this.  Was it Cinderella? Snow White? Belle? Who was it? That told us that we would someday grow up to be a princess and be the center of our “soul mate’s” world?  While they each had to overcome a certain obstacle (most life threatening) why was the reward always everlasting love? Were we doomed to begin with before even ever speaking a word?  And why do we love a good unrealistic “love story” that proves the man will drop everything and come running to our defense and rescue in a moment’s notice?  I am not sure…and I am starting to think most people aren’t sure either.   I mean no wonder our men don’t know whether we are coming or going half the time, but I do know what my dream husband looked like in my mind.  Ladies and Gentlemen…my list:
·       Smart-Can hold a intellectual conversation about life and all of its wonders.
·       Loving- Can tell how much he loves me either quietly before going to bed or screaming it out the window.
·       Honest- Could never tell a lie to me and sleep that same night.
·       Caring- Cares about my feelings and my well-being.  He would never let me cry alone.
·       Affectionate-Holds my hand in public and has his arm around me at dinner with friends.
·       Family Oriented-Wants to be called daddy someday and loves his mother.
·       Funny- Knows how to light me up with belly hurting laughter.
·       Charismatic- Could charm the pants of an Eskimo in the dead of winter.
I created a similar list months (maybe weeks) before I met James.  He has not only fit directly into my list, but he is everything and more than I could ever have dreamed of.  I thank God for unanswered prayers and knowing the right person to place into my heart.  I still blame Disney and Ken for creating a “perfect love” in my mind, but in my heart I know with every challenge we will grow and become that “perfect couple” in marriage and in life.  So Ladies…I give you the biggest contributor to our high expectations and love life let downs…yes…The Notebook. 

But what you can take from their story…yes I know the man dies to be with her…becomes a bird to life the lives together…fights to win her back…but that’s just it…true love…real love is hard.  It has it’s ups and downs and we should be lucky to have found it  in the first place and honor each day we have with that special person, because that’s just it…life is too short.
So I ask you? Who or what love story ruined your love life? Was it Barbie?  Cinderella? Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? Rapunzel? Ariel? Should I go on? And what has been your shining light to get through the hard times and let downs?

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