Friday, April 15, 2011

Remember that scene?

Alright lovers…I think by now you have realized what a hopeless romantic and emotional person I am.  I recently posted how I blame Cinderella and Barbie for this, but I some times think I was born with it. Yeeeeeeeeees, I was that little girl with the pillow case over my head and ,yeeeeeeeeees, I was that little girl who had my Barbies in wedding dresses rather than pink cocktail dresses.  So does it surprise you this isn’t the most grandest time of my life…yes me too! I guess I just imagined everything to magically fall into place at this point in our life and while it is slowly…I wish I had a glimpse into the future to know for certain what the next few years look like for my love and I.  I’m sure we all have felt like this and while it’s exciting and on edge of faith and hope…it’s a bit scary too. 
Back to the scenes…there are few romantic scenes that “get” me every time that I hope to feel like on our wedding day. For instance remember, the scene in Edward Scissorhands with the snow?

Or when Nicolas Cage sings to his wife in the Family Man?

What moments do you find truly romantic? And do you think romance like in the movies exist? I do.  I don’t see it when my scissorhanded boyfriend creates a sky full of snow, but I see it when he and I are giggling like kids on the couch with Daisy May..or when he walks two extra blocks for a treat from The Dessert Food Truck (ummmm…it’s amazing)..or when he meets me at the UPS center after working 10 hours on his feet just to ride home with me on the bus.  These are moments that would fill up our love story and be those romantic scenes that would make everyone cry.  So with that...I wish a very Happy Birthday to the woman who gave birth and raised the man I love and wish you all a very happy romantic weekend!!

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