Thursday, April 21, 2011

What have we been up to?

We've been very productive...prove it you say?

Here ya go...stamping favor bags...

Me stamping 

James stamping

Candy bag

Putting together a wedding binder...

My wedding binder

Sorting through R.S.V.P.'s (thank amazing 32 angels) for your promptness....

That post it note...we'll talk about that later...

Playing with our camera for our guest book...


Sign for the bridal suite....
James will never admit it...but he helped make this:)

Shopping...and shopping...
This is a whole another blog and a GREAT story, but here's a Angel made me buy these bathing suit bottoms!!

Free gift!

I. Love. These

My bouquet locket which will hold a picture of my father so he can walk with me down the aisle

Our wedding colors...ummm...I had to.

Bridesmaid shoes...what did you expect heels?

All of them!

And that's about it! Now, I have to go my credit card is on FIRE!!

Happy Easter, everyone!! 

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