Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So blessed

I have a friend that told me oncethat I am too blessed too be stressed and I feel like those words are written on my heart!

Last night, I went to bed wondering how I let my blessings go unappreciated.  I have begged for my soul mate for nearly all of my life.  My wedding has been a dream of mine ever since I was five.  Now that I have nearly everything I have ever wanted why am I letting the small things bother me so much? With a new look on life, I went to bed
This morning while getting ready for work I listen to a story of a couple very much like James and I.  They had been best friendshad a dream weddingwaited a year and then had a beautiful baby girl.  Who could have asked for me from life?  Well, two months after their baby girl was born, her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Two months later she was diagnosed with untreatable breast cancer.  While if anyone has a right to be pissed at life they do, they weren’t; they were embracing everyday with their child and family.  I was completely inspired of them and their storu.  She too had decided to blog mostly to be able to share her journey with her family and later because let’s face itblogging is therapy.

Read about their story here 

On my way to work, I thanked God for today and counted my many blessings.  During my lunch break, I started making my blogging rounds checking out my favorite wedding blogs.  One of my ultimate favorites is “The Broke-Ass Bride.”  She has D.I.Y. storied and much needed advise and words of wisdom.  I was sad to read that her health too was not the best, and she was suffering with An Autoimmune disease.  While I am sure blogging has it’s many perkshealth insurance isn’t one of them.  So, her friends and family have put together a fundraiser for her. 
Even if you don’t have a dollar to give to either one of these beautiful souls, please feel compelled to read their stories for they will inspire you to embrace your life and be thankful for today.  Even if you share their story maybe on your Facebook or with friends and family, maybe someone in your network can help one of these ladies.

Much loveand yes, I am too blessed to be stressedat least tonight! 

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