Friday, April 29, 2011

A kiss and a song

Yes, you guessed it we have picked our first dance song once again.  What happened to the rest of the songs, you ask?  Let me explain.  James and I both are the type of people who are not interested in following a crowd. I was introduced of Jack Johnson in the early years of his career.  I loved him before everyone knew his name. His concerts were intimate and small...his songs were about surfing and love.  I ignored the flood of teenie boppers who found him too years ago, and still chose to love him.  Naturally, 4 years ago our theme song and our song was "Better Together" even to go as far as we seriously considered getting matching tattoos with the a line from the lyrics.  I still love this song...and it plays every time James calls but to share our first dance song with hundreds maybe millions of other newbie wanna be Jack Johnson fans...I'm sorry...I can't have it...and neither could James.  We are by far not a cookie cutter couple nor do we want a cookie cutter wedding(eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk). So we scratched it and were song less for some time <sigh>.
So we spend many nights googling and searching our Itunes library.  We wanted something classic, romantic, not too long, not too slow, not over done.  I know what you are saying...good luck! We liked a lot of songs...or should I say I would like one a lot but he wouldn't...and vise verse.
So many to choose from...then we found Into the Mystic and loved it.  It's classic and romantic.  And we have been with this decision happily until I started googling first dance ideas.  I came across a page that stated the song was used in "American Wedding" from the American Pies series as their first dance.  I wasn't crazy about this, but we chose to ignore it...UNTIL one of Jame's coworkers said," ohhhh that's the song from the Eat, Pray and Love."  I knew it was over after that! So here we were again...on the hunt again.  And trust me every time I found the one James had a reason why it wasn't.  For instance, my best friend suggested "Moon River" from the romantic Sex in the City episode with Carrie and Big dancing their farewell (supposedly) dance in his empty living room. 
I know so romantic...I could just die...and I did when James said isn't that song from "Fletch?"

Insert sigh here.

So then I decided on my way home yesterday after a rough day at work, I would listen to my favorite girl of the year, Adele. I came across one of her songs...and I thought...oh my...this is just perfect....and later James agreed.

So ladies and gentlemen...our first dance song...

Now about that kiss...I will admit I was 4 minutes late for work this morning to witness this kiss live...

I adore her dress and LOVE her sister's dress even more!! How dreamy and how exciting to have a royal wedding in my lifetime!! Thank you William and Kate! You both are equally as dreamy.

Happy Weekend!!

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