Friday, April 29, 2011

My Angel story

So last week, I ventured out to another bridal show alone.  It was with Victoria Secret and I am obsessed with Victoria Secret bridal, so you could only imagine I had to go.  That week was nuts for me, so by the time I got around to it was too late.  After I called the store and begged the manager, he said to ask for him at the door and  it would be no problem. 

So Wednesday comes around after I had an absolutely I hate NYC week. I got shoved down on the Subway and got food poisoning from a restaurant and countless other things that may not be blog appropriate. So I dragged myself to the Victoria Secret bridal shower for brides hosted by Lily Aldridge, the spokesperson for the bridal line and an "Angel."  Well...I got the early and went across the street to do some browsing.  I saw a very cute little white dress with my name on it, and decided to try it on.  I grabbed a size bigger than I normally 8...and went to the dressing room. was was too tight...I realized holy hell where did all of these Irish moles and freckles on my back come from...and my spider veins...oh spider veins.  To say the least, I was panicked.  I started to wonder if my self image of what I thought I looked like matched my actual image.  Choking back the tears, I turned in the dress and walked across the street to the Victoria Secret to stand in line to get in.  The line was around the corner already filled with brides and their honors, mothers, and maids.  I stood there by myself and turned to Words with Friends.

Fifteen lonely minutes later, the line moves and everyone is told to take out their I.D.'s.  We all move up slowly until my turn.  I get to the door, happily show my I.D. and say my name.  Of course, I am not on the list...I then ask for the manager, Kevin who was so kind to add me.  She replies, we have many Kevin's.  <inserting breaking point of my day> and I think she could smell the tears coming.  She asked," is it just you?" I sadly reply,"yes."  She ties a blue ribbon around my wrist and says,"Congratulations on your wedding."  Of course after this, I am not in the mood to browse through gaggles of groups of brides and their posse's and I decide to go upstairs instead to the bathing suits and lounge wear. It was a ghost town up there...and it was just what I needed.  It reminded me of moment in Annie when all of the servants were there waiting for her and asking her what she needed.  It was just what I needed.

 I overwhelmingly thanked every one of them and went to the bathing suits...and saw it.  I think you know by now, I am in love with my wedding secretly...and I love the special bridal attire...and wish I could wear it forever.  SO you can imagine how I felt about bathing suit bottoms with "Just Married" written across them.  So I picked them up, checked the price, and put them back.  Picked them up considered..if it was worth it...I mean when else would I ever wear these puppies I asked myself.  I picked them up and put them back at least 4 more times.  I took a picture of them sent it to James asking if I needed these and continued to stare.  Well, I felt someone walk up beside me. I imagined it was a salesperson coming to help me.  She stood shoulder to shoulder with me.  She then says..." you know you have to buy these only get married once."  I turn.  I kid you not...the beautiful lady was in a silver gown...and it hit me...this is an angel.  I looked at her hand remember I had read she was engaged, and said," Please tell me, the wedding is just as stressful to you as it is to me."  She said,"yes."  I smiled and she smiled.  By the way, my phone was still in my hand the whole time with the camera on.  I went downstairs and paid for my new swimsuit, grabbed a gift bag full of goodies, and thought where else but NYC could an angel helped me with that purchase.  I sighed and had an I heart NYC day.
More on Lily Aldridge and the show

Pictures of her and the show

By the way...James is totally pissed I didn't send him a picture with her ummm or of her! :)

My Angel story ...enjoy.

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