Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't mean to brag...okay I do a little...and a recap!

Sooooo...where have I been all week? I had finals and it consumed me! School is officially out for the summer for me! I don't start back until the end of August...I know what you are thinking...ummm, isn't your wedding in the fall...we'll cross that bridge when we get there! :) I have to admit even I am quite shocked with how well I did this semester with two jobs and a wedding taking two classes (one of which was Statistics) was not an ideal situation.  I am proud to say I have a 3.4 again in college.  So instead of a long post..there isn't much going on in wedding land...I am going to update and recap you all in pictures!

We have bridesmaid dresses!

We made invites!

We mailed the invites!

Daisy discovered the backyard.

My nephew got teeth!

Our street blew up!

Daisy relaxed while we finsihed the favor bags!

Starting to set in that I will soon have a husband!

An angel visited me.

Another bridal show has come and gone...

Date day with my love!

Spring has officially hit NYC!

and Daisy is a happy girl...

Reid met the Easter bunny!

A Royal wedding...

a squirrel invaded our home!

We bought our wedding flutes!

us at Tiffanny's!

Daisy relaxed...again...

My dress is coming home next week after being in alterations for 9 weeks!! Pray it zips!

And we are happier than ever with under 5 months to go...
I hope you are off to an amazing start and thank you again for reading!! Sending you a huge cyber HUG!!!

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