Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Update

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend.  Sorry I have been absent in my blog land. Here is an update:

We bought a ring! 

We bought a suit!!

We have a good idea what we are looking for the groomsmen but just need to do some shopping around. 

Other than that we have been enjoying the summer. Don't worry we'll start our wedding projects soon.  WE DID pick a song! :) And also picked our entrance song, cake cutting, and bouquet toss songs.

Tomorrow is officially the last day to RSVP and we have only 50% back.  sigh.  So here's to tracking down those rotten 50% and finding out if they will be joining the festivities! We are both starting to get really excited for the wedding and spending it with friends and family! 

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease to you all!! 

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