Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm a winner!

So..I love reading wedding blogs.  Yes, my name is Elena and I love reading wedding blogs.  Some times it's the first thing I do when I wake up.  I especially love Lydia's blog . She has amazing photos and ideas and of course wonderful giveaways.  I am not sure if I mentioned it before but I was so lucky to win a pearl bracelet earlier in the year the same week I won eyelashes from Marie-Pierre, my amazing make up artist. Vatne Designs is who and where I bought my stunning pearl necklace and won my equally stunning bracelet! Well NOW I am the lucky winner of Lydia's Bridesmaids giveaway! I have been so excited to see the new movie.  With all of the wedding stress, I need a little fun to be poked out of the wedding monster and well of me...the bride!  Here's what I have won...

All photos our courtesy of Marie-Pierre, Vatne Designs, and EverOurs Blog.

My bracelet that I was so lucky to win.

Then while scoping out EverOurs one lovely day, I ran across the Bridemaids Movie Giveaway and I won! I won. I won.

Here's what I won...
$50 iTunes gift card
to make your own Bridesmaids themed play list!
Bridesmaids Survival Kit:
Mesh bag filled with lip balm, mints, comb/mirror, nail files, shot glass engagement ring and a Bridesmaids T-shirt! 

The Itunes card will be for our "getting ready" soundtrack and our new downloads for wedding songs must haves.

Which brings me to my other obsession...BRIDESMAIDS the movie which I have played around with a bit.  My MOH and I are going to watch the movie tonight and I am soooooo excited!
So of course I had to add my bridal parties heads to it (ummmm...Andy was the wild card one...A. because he'll find it hilarious B. because every one else would have been pissed about being the wild card.

And then it doesn't stop there...if you are not a facebook have to watch the newest trailer with the new additions!
Click the'll laugh I promise!

So cheers and happy day! Everyone please pray my wedding dress zips tonight at my final fitting! Photos to follow...I promise!

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