Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 more months to go...

With now under 4 months until our big day, we are starting to feel the pressure to complete our wedding projects.  It seems like we can no longer say," Oh we need to..." because the facts are we need to do that now. I do have to say I have caught the wedding excitement bug once again now that the guest list is done complete and finalized.

Our date to RSVP by was June 1st and I have to say I am pretty impressed and thanks to an amazing soon-to-be sister-in-law that we have almost all of our responses.  I am patiently waiting on one last friend to respond and then we can finally have a good sense of who will be in our wedding pictures with us for the festivities.

Sadly the USPS failed to deliver a few of our invitations, so to those strangers who opened a loved ones invite---shame-shame and to those invites who are lost in postal system forever I bid you farewell.

So this is us in a snap shot...ummmm don't mind the budget sadly that is quite laughable now!  Thinking we could knock this wedding out in that range was a tad crazy talk.  I won't tell you where our budget is now...most of my friends are in the soon to be engaged range and I don't want to scare anyone.  :)

And the most exciting RSVP we received back was...

Yes, Micky and Minnie, our friends, unfortunately will not be attending but did send a gift and a blessing.  Thank you, Micky and Minnie. 
Other news...I have a reception dress! Woohoo.  What's that? What happened to the other reception dress.  Well...after many purchases and searching ...I have bought and returned a few.  We went shopping for the groomsmen attire and stopped and found the most amazing dress and perfect for the occasion.'s a surprise.  I love it. 

Groomsmen attire- I love even more! We decided on a light blue and white shirt with very light khakis.  With the bridesmaid dresses....everything is really coming together:).

Last night we also arranged our first centerpiece.

So all that's left to do is...welcome area...signs and signs...guest book directions...rehearsal dinner info...bachelorette party and bachelor party...oh my...and ship everything south to our amazing wedding planner in Key West!

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