Thursday, June 23, 2011

100 more days to go

Can you believe it!? So in honor of 100 days to go here are 100 things about us:

1. Our music tastes are evolving together.
2. This is our first trip to Key West together.
3. He first told me I would be his wife someday in the back of a cab after 4 months of dating.
4. I helped pick out my ring.
5. I tried on 20 dresses before finding the one.
6. Our cat's names are Buddy and Possum.
7. We are hoping to have a baby golden brother for Daisy May after the wedding named Dirk.
8. I wanted to be a rockette growing up.
9. He wanted to be a doctor.
10. He has never's just weird.
11. I love candy.
12. I steal his candy and ice cream.
13. We love Tosh.o.
14. He journaled through his trip to Ibizia...oh my.
15. I have gone on more vacations with my MOH than my future husband.
16. I was a bride twice for Halloween growing up.
17. I have three possible hair flowers for my wedding day hair.
18. My brother is walking me down the aisle as my father's wish.
19. I want to be a pedicatric hospice nurse so I am able to make children smile someday.
20. We both want to have babies within the next few years.
21. We have lived in 2 different apartments in the same building the majority of the time we have dated.
22. We spent the first 3 days straight together after we realized we wanted to be more than just friends and never left out apartment---lots of take out!!
23. He was my best friend for the first 6 months of knowing him.
24. I knew I loved him when I missed him the first Chrsitmas we knew each other-He had traveled to Dallas.
25. I said I love you first but he will say he did.
26. He kissed me, but he will say I kissed him.
27. We hid our relationship from our friends for the first 4 months of dating.
28. Daisy May was a Valentine's Day present.
29. I was considered a Tom boy.
30. He broke a shower rod once when he was little trying to do pull ups.
31. I played T-Ball as a child.
32. He played soccer.
33. He wouldn't give me or let me see the ring after we bought it for 3 months because he wanted to surprise me!
34. He's a better cook than I.
35. He. doesn't. clean. He "straightens up."
36. My favorite food is Corndogs.
37. He likes all of the ice cream flavors I hate.
38. He is the oldest child and I am the youngest.
39. He is ten years older than me!
40. We almost adopted a boy golden retriever who we were going to name Max, but saw Daisy and fell in love with her.
41. Geesh this is harder than I thought.
42. My father doesn't have a middle name.
42. We laugh a lot together.
43. We never go to bed without kissing goodnight-even in fights.
44. His middle name is Bernard after his grandfather.
45. We watched "Redneck Weddings" and "John and Kate" our first year of dating religously!
46. We were both born in Texas.
47. He's a huge Cowboys & Mavs fan!
48. Daisy is a daddy's girl :(
49. My favorite flower is wild daisies.
50. He has always cheered me up no matter what.
51. We are way too much a like.
52. We have both only met each other's family a few times.
53. We want to live in a house with a yard some day.
54. I have never been out of the country other than Niagara Falls.
55. I once volunteered 100 hours in one year.
56. He loves to golf.
57. He hid my ring in a pair of shoes I hate knowing I would never look there.
58. I am secretly very excited for the wedding.
59. Our wedding day outfits are hanging in the same closet.
60. We have a lot of projects left to do.
61. I tried to make him elope in Vegas two years ago.
62. Both of us have two brothers.
63. I will now have a new sister!
64. I will soon have a Grandpa! Something I have never had in my lifetime!
65. I was always daddy's girl.
66. Ummm...I may have been spoiled growing up.
67. My mom has always been my best friend.
68. We have always put up a Christmas Tree no matter what.
69. We have the same sheets from when we first started dating...umm..really?
70. We lived together in a 300 square foot studio for the first 5 months of dating.
71. My cats moved in too.
72. We love our nieces and nephews!
73. I grew up in West Virginia.
74. He grew up in Dallas.
75. We won't see each other the day of the wedding.
76. Daisy will be on a farm in Vermont while we say our "I do's."
77. Daisies is an inside joke between him and I meaning we love each other.
78. We have only gone to two weddings together as a couple.
79. Both of us have had our best friends for more than 10 years.
80. He was my boss after we were friends for months.
81. I tried to set him up with a friend before knowing I was in love with him.
82. Better Together from Jack Johnson has always been "our song."
83. It's our ringtone for each other.
84. We were once going to get matching tattoos of the lyrics.
85. I lived in Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood/Miami for 10 years.
86. He has been in NYC for longer than 10 yrs!
87. Neither of us own a car.
88. Daisy likes to run between us in the hallway.
89. Only my brother has visited our new apartment in NYC where we have lived for 2 years!
90. I always wanted to be just like the Dallas Cheerleaders.
91. He was born during a tornado.
92. Our parents are still our biggest heros.
93. We never thought we would be so lucky to have such an amazing wedding.
94. Our photographer was one of the first vendors we picked.
95. He hates for his feet to be touched.
96. We both liked to read.
97. He is my best friend.
98. He used to send me pictures of daisies when I was having bad days.
99. Our first couch was red.
100. I love him more each and every day we spend together and I am so incredibly blessed to have all my dreams come true thanks to him, my friends, and our families. He's my other half.

Glad I didn't attempt that with 200!!!!!

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