Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm back!

Vegas has come and gone so now the countdown to the wedding is on! Can you believe we are almost at the 100 day mark? ME either.  This weekend, I promise to finish  the fans at least and start the labels for the candy buffet.  I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Miss Daisy May in between jobs.  She was so cute when I came home from Vegas.  My amazing other half picked me up at the airport so he brought me in to her.  She would curl around me wagging her little tail then run back to him saying "thank you for bringing the mommy back" in her puppy way then straight back to me!!  I.  love.  her.

Today is a big day for me though...the dean, assistant dean, and the committee sit down to review my application for this fall.  Originally I received a denial letter after applying for 2 1/2 years (even with a 3.5 GPA), but I was persistent and asked for them to review it again.  To my astonishment, I was called for an interview last week!  Unluckily for me, I came down with a sinus infection (still have one) and lost my voice.  I powered through it and it went very well (at least I thought so). So after one doctor's appointment trying to get me well...darn you allergies...and one great interview...let's pray I get a great response by tomorrow!

So this week is a big week!!'s my birthday Friday BUT I am denying it to everyone.  Not only am I working both jobs on Friday...I miss my other half and I have spent too many birthdays in the past years without him (thank you Ulysses's...).  SO...let's pretend it's not happening, please?  The wedding celebration is well enough birthday for me:).

So I hope everyone is having a great week!! Talk to you in a few days.

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