Thursday, September 8, 2011

All the shades of white

White is a tricky little sucker.  As most of you know I have thrifted, ebayed, weddingbeed , and become an internet expert shopper through this wedding.  I would like to think I have saved us at least some serious cash.  One of the many things, I have sacrificed that I have also dreamt about is my veil.  James is sighing and we go again.  But for the rest of you, let me tell you about my veil.

In December, I began my search for my veil. What's a bride without a veil? AND I found one for under $50. Woohoo. It came in the mail and all seemed well.  It was short and sweet to the point.  The color was a little off white which indeed so is my dress.  

Let's go back a bit...while trying on dresses, I was determined to be a white-white bride. I think it just looks better on me.  If I could have had my dress in white-white I would have, but it just wasn't in the cards and that's ok. If you see from the post before, my second pick was a white-white dress and I loved it for that reason.  I know...I know I am a redhead and ivory is better suited.  I get it.  Damn you freckles... it has been hanging and well living in my closet ever since.  I keep saying one day I will try on my dress with it to see if it matches.  Well..I am sure it's been out of fear and dread that day just came today.  One because it's in the middle of the day and I wanted to see it in daylight and two it's the only time I feel ready to try my dress on again (it fits by the way--woohoo).  The bad news..well...the veil is white-white...and the dress is off white.  Ugh.  Can you see me in twenty years shaking my wedding picture at him saying you wouldn't let me buy a veil!?!?  Ummm...well... we can. So where does this leave me? Without a veil...sigh.  And I know it's a beach wedding and I don't need one, but I also don't want to lose track of the little girl who put the pillow case on her head to play "bride."  And when else will I ever wear a veil? I mean really?

So the question is veil...or not to veil...that's the question. And I hear you...veils can be cheap go buy another one..well I think every penny from now until then are accounted for and the extra (if any) well that will just put us closer to our goal we are trying to meet to pay for everything! Is it a sad story-no not at all...I am still getting married to my best friend and having my dream wedding-veil or not. What is sad? THAT there are so many freaking shades of white!?!?! 

Hope you guys are having a splendid September! I'll be Mrs. Tobin in 23 days!! 

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