Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where should we stay?

Wedding planning is like playing host to a Thanksgiving dinner with 75 friends and family staying at your house for the weekend.  You have to plan where people are sleeping? Who's coming? Who will get along best with who?  Activities to occupy everyone so no injuries or harsh words are spoken...everything...even dessert! :) All while smiling, kissing cheeks and posing for photos...this my friends is planning a wedding.  "Where should we stay?" is the most common question by far we get when we talk to friends and family about the wedding.  My answer is always this...

"We are staying on Center Street Wednesday, September 28th- Tuesday, October 4th, however we will be staying at the Southernmost Hotel on the night of the wedding.  Key West is a very small island; anywhere you stay, you will be close. Stay where you would feel the most comfortable and where you will enjoy your stay the most.  Our biggest concern is for all of our guests to have a great vacation and enjoy our celebration without stress!"

Guess what they say in response to that statement..."sooooooooo....where should we stay?"

Here are some ideas and wallet friendly options:

You can stay at the Southernmost Hotel and literrally stumble back to your room the night of the wedding. Remember to call the reservation line to book the hotel and say "Tobin."  Rooms start at $155 per night...Click below for the video of the property...
You can stay at a nearby house or villa rental through .
They have many options and price ranges begining at $110 a night.  Mention you are a guest of Barron-Tobin wedding for an extra discount.
You can stay at the Double Tree for $119 a night.  It is on the other side of the island but there is a free shuttle to Duval Street.  Mention Barron-Tobin
You can stay at the Best Western Hibiscus Court, but don't let the name fool you this hotel is steps away from the Southernmost and is newly renovated ( besides how much time are you going to be spending in that room?)!
Rates per night start at $108 and look  how nice the rooms are below!

You can stay on a sailboat..I'm serious! Check out this site that finds the lowest rentals around!
Rates start at $60 a night
You can stay at one of Key West's many Bed and Breakfasts! Key West is known for their charming cottages and B&B's.  Here are a few:

The Jasmine House (on Center Street)rates start at $75 a night (remember October is considered Summer)
This B&B is so nice every time I check out the website, I start to rethink my own reservations!
A few steps away you can stay at the Lighthouse Court Hotel with rates starting at $109 a night.
Of course if you would like to stay in a haunted hotel you may want to check out these:
Well known for it's famous guests and more famous ghosts...
Rates start at $100 a night...but don't call us when you see a "friend" in the middle of the night trying to tuck you in or steal your covers!

So there you go...that's where you should stay! :) Happy Thursday everyone, and I'll talk to you soon.

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