Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Registry Complete and Candy Bags Started

Hi Friends, Family, and strangers who have wondered on to my blog.  Last night, James and I finished our Bed,Bath, and Beyond Registry.  Woohoo.   And like every other couple who has ever gone through the registry process it's left us wondering why are plate sets sold in 4 setting sets and not 6.   Why? We also finished our Honeyfund registry which we are very excited about! While we are looking forward to having everyone as guests and haven't given a whole lot of thought of presents and what have you...the traveling and taking time to spend with us is a big enough present, we are very excited for the chance or hope of a honeymoon in the year after our wedding.  Both can be found under registry on our wedding website.

Last weekend, while I was taking a break in between cleaning and studying, I decided to take wedding inventory. I started two of my projects: one is making a "picture frame" out of corks (James and I have saved almost evey cork from every wine bottle we have opened together) and the other is stamping the candy bags (I think I did the first ten...=]).  I have to make a "Reserved sign" "Mr" "Mrs" "Shoes Optional" and all of the labels for the candy bags.  Then I have to print the invitations. Fun! We also are making a few projects as gifts, but those are top secret. Wink..wink.

The hunt for milk glass bud vases is still on...I am planning on hitting the thrift shops this week in search of them. =)

Happy Week everyone.  Stay warm.  Here are pictures of the thank you bags and a few ideas.  Have I told you how excited I am to marry my best friend yet? I am.

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  1. Everything looks great so far! If you need help with the milk glass, let me know. I know we're all the way in Florida, but my mom has an online antique shop. She finds and ships antiques (all sorts of glass, including milk glass) all over the country. She helps people find special pieces to complete collections all the time. So if you need any help, just message me and I'll get you in touch with her. Her online shop is here: Good luck :) - Bree


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