Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To exercise or not to exercise is the question...

A lot of things come in our mailbox since we have become engaged.  Yesterday, I came home to a honeymoon magazine featuring Belize (we'll talk about that later), a photography post card, and the brand new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.   After ripping out a hot bikini babe for the fridge door for motivation, I began to think about what my goals are.  I know I need to follow up with my resolution. I have been looking forward to a healed toe (I broke it on New Year's Eve...don't ask) and warm weather so I can begin to run again. I made a promise to myself, this would be the year I would get into the best shape of my life and the last thing I want to do is look back at wedding pictures and wish I was thinner...tanner...or what have you.  While it may seem crazy to some, I want to be at my goal weight for me. So, I vow from this day forward to begin my exercise routine and to eat healthier to achieve my goal.  I have time on my side and it's now time to begin my New Year's Resolution. 

Another one of my biggest concerns is having white teeth.  My teeth have never been the whitest and my family is not known for their bright white teeth. :) Sorry, mom. I have tried a few at home techniques, but coffee is my enemy.  Soooooooooo..not only from this day forward will I be exercising I will also be "that girl" drinking every dark colored fluid from a straw!  I plan on blogging my experiences as well as my wedding plan, because I feel they go hand in hand for most brides!

Woohoo..Day one begins!! Any weight loss or bright smile advice?


  1. portion control girl. ive lost 10 lbs so far this year just on that alone.

  2. you've got time... don't stress out about your weight. everything in moderation is my motto. if you cut things out entirely, you'll probably find it harder to stick to it and have bigger, harder to resist cravings for the "bad"stuff.

    are you doing Belize for honeymoon? we wanna go there, but can't make it for another year or two... you could postpone and go with us :D


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