Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 month closer to the big day!

Hi Everyone!  Our flights are booked! We are flying in September 28th - October 4th into Fort Lauderdale, and we are driving down to the Key West.  I am getting more and more excited with every growing day.  I am so excited to hear that most of our families have booked their stays as well! We are stayng on Center Street and it is a two block street with many rental properties.  We are also staying at the Southernmost Friday and Saturday night. 

The wedding planning has made an interesting change into being more focused on James and I.  Marriage is a serious commitment for James and I and it's forever for both of us. 

Most know I lost my father when I was 20, and he was such a big part of my life.  It always seemed ironic at my wedding when I will be missing him the most, I will also be losing the last thing of him I have left...his last name.  While, it is so exciting to become a Tobin, it was also very sad for me to lose my dad's name.  For weeks, the transition and my father's birthday has been on my  mind.  I have made a decision to drop my middle name and add it to my first name then add my soon to be maiden name to my middle name.  ElenaGrace Tobin Barron or my other alternative would be to drop Grace altogether ( we all know I am not very graceful afterall)...Elena Barron Tobin.  I am still on the fence about it, but I think it would be a nice way to show how much my mother and father's marriage means to me and how much I love them both.

As far as the wedding, we are in strict savings mode! If someone can tell Daisy to not eat anymore bad snowballs so we can prevent spending $200 at the vet that would be helpful too!!

Other than searching for milk glass bud vases and preparing for all of the upcoming DIY projects I have...wedding planning has slowed down a lot for us.  We are still hoping for more post cards.  We are really needing a Fort Lauderdale post card and/or a Texas beach postcard.  We'll pick up a few NY ones soon enough...:)

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and your excitement for our big day means SO MUCH to me. It really has showed me who is important in our lives and who really cares about us as a couple. 

Of course, here are hair pictures that I love as well as ideas.

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