Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wedding shoes..and another dress?!

I have a confession.  My name is Elena and I am a shop-a-holic. It's not what you think...I don't actually spend money ( can you hear James rolling on the floor laughing), but I love to "window shop" for the perfect fix to my newest wedding obsession. My two newest obsessions are 1.) wedding shoes 2.) a reception dress (a.k.a. the dress I am changing into to meet our wedding guests after the wedding is over).

I know what you are saying..but already have wedding shoes. Yes, I know.  Believe it or not...the shoes are just as important to me as the dress.  Shriek...I know.  As you may recall, I was lucky to have a beautiful pair of Oscar De La Renta shoes donated given to me.  The girl who I replaced at my job had just gotten married and a previous patient worked for Oscar De La Renta Bridal.  Well, the patient sent over three pairs which she could chose one to wear on her big day and the patient never picked up the other two pairs.  When I started, she asked me what shoe size I was and to my excitement we are both 8 1/2's.  Done! Right? Umm no...may I remind you we are getting married on the beach.

So I found an amazing pair of bright yellow flats which I fell in love with.  My plan is to have photos taken with both shoes and wear the yellow flats at the reception. I plan on kicking off my shoes right before I walk down the plank the aisle.  SO I should be done right? Ummm no...I keep dreaming of something I have always dreamt about under my wedding dress and with everyday clothing ----yellow platform high heels. I suppose I could wear them after the wedding, because honestly I am terrified to wear the $900 Oscar De La Renta heels longer than 5 mins ( I am a little bit of a klutz).  For someone who wears flip flops in the summer and uggs in the winter with high heels in the closet full of dust, most people are checking the web address to make sure they are reading my blog :).  But some of you know my obsession with yellow high heels started when Jessica Simpson was still hot and on MTV.   OH and when if I had a million dollars...I might have a sparkle pair for the rehearsal dinner too.

Now the dress...I have given this a lot of thought.  I want a short little white dress for the after party.   I want it to be a combination of what I originally wanted in a wedding dress.  Remember this dress I originally tried on...ummm..but my breasts didn't agree with.  I found a short little number that may work...however the $250 price tag does not work.

 Hmmm...then it was onto a search for a sweetheart neckline short jazzy number similar to this dress I also loved.  I want a fun dress that I can dance in and won't trip over.  I want it to be a little on the sexy side...but not over the top.  It's a family show after all and with blessings in the bust area many options are automatically ruled out! Damn no jeweled bikinis...

Decisions...decisions...what are your thoughts on shoes and dresses?  Unnecessary?  Or it's your day...your only day...spoil yourself!

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