Monday, February 28, 2011

The dresses are in

Hi Everyone!

I hope your Monday is treating you well. Mine is full of the Bachelor annnnnnnnd (wait fooooooooooooor iiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt) BRIDESMAID dresses.  After 1 month of making these beautiful dresses, they arrived in the mail today.  James took them out of the box for me and left them on the dining room table.  Of course, they were the first thing I saw when I got home from work, but I avoided them out of sheer dread and fear.  I made it 4 hours until I HAD to look at them.  I first...wasn't 100% sure about the color.  Were they purple? I tore into one.  I was pleasantly surprised by the material.  It's soft and light weight which are two very important qualities I wanted in a dress for my perfect four and the color it was really pretty.  So before shipping them off and having Erin try them on I wanted to see if the hype matched the dress.  About the designer,Hayley Star studied at FIT in NYC and now works out of Venice, California.  She believes in animal and earth friendly clothing AND  living.  She believes in sewing everything by hand and believes every piece will have it's own story, but what really sold me on her for my big day...ummmm...she had a "free hug" video on her blog. FREE HUGS video . Most know I am a sucker for "free hugs!" Sooo...back to the dresses...they were amazing.  I tried a few of the styles and decided this is a two man job to experiment and perhaps a bra! So don't judge the no bra approach and please don't mind the sleeping Golden Retriever in the background, both are out of sheer laziness...hers and MINE!  
Here goes...I picked this dress so the bridal party can pick the way they wear their dress to flatter their body types AND so they can possibly wear the dress again. 

This final attempt was with yellow flats...and now I am thinking...I don't like the look so much...<sigh> BUT I am not giving up on it until I can play dress up with Erin (one of the MOH) next Monday.  The other thing I noticed is need a tan! :)
Here is the link to the endless way to wear the dress... 

I also got a nice surprise in the mail. Ladies and Gentlemen, my bridal hanger...

Ah...decisions...decisions...Soooo...what do you think about the dresses? How the heck am I going to incorporate yellow and orange???

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