Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shall we dance? what?!?!

James and I picked our wedding song when we first started talking about getting married 2 years ago.  I love Jack Johnson, and we have seen him perform twice. Our ringtones for each other have always been "Better Together" and we even contemplated on tattoos with the lyrics " With only two, Just me and you."  Well...Jack has become awfully popular since I began listening to him.  It seems like everyone has "Better Together" as their first dance song.  While we both know what it means to us, we weren't excited about sharing "our song" with thousands of other couples.  So the search has begun for "our song"...Here are a few top favorites of mine, his, and both of us.

"You and Me"

                                                        "Marry Me"
                                                 "We are man and wife"
                                                     "Into the Mystic"
Those are just a few we have considered, and we have a top runner but what do you guys think? Any suggestions or favorites?  

Of course if I could really get him drunk we could do this...

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  1. you and me is being done a lot too. although i love the song as well. love you girl! if you need anything from down here let me know.


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