Thursday, February 10, 2011

A new obsession--OH MY:)

My newest obsession is  It's my therapy.  I like to read what other brides are going through, and to post questions to see if anyone has the same dilemmas. It is also a place where brides  can buy and sell goods for weddings that we only will be needing once in our life (...well once in my life).   :)  

Blogging is my way to remember this period in my life. At the end of our engagement, I am going to print out all of my rants and raves and place them into my scrap book to keep for all times.  It's also good for me to go back through and remember my ideas for our big day!  So while, I may not have followers takes the place of that weekly visit with family and friends to catch up on wedding details and to hear my stresses and excitement. 

Here is our engagement story I posted on wedding bee...

So thank you wonderfully amazing readers of mine. It brightens my day and warms my heart when I find out friends and family have read the blog.  Makes me wonder what I am going to do with all of that free time next winter...oh yeah! SCHOOL! :)

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