Monday, August 1, 2011

Glue guns are hot

We re at the 2 month mark! Tonight, I packed the majority of the candy buffet vases, finished the fans, card box, and paint brushes for sandy toes. AND I have a huge blister on my finger...why...because glue guns are hot! :) 

Here is an update in pictures and then I am hitting the sack.  It's back to the books for me tomorrow.  Oh and 13 more days until I am unemployed (a very scary thing to do while saving for a wedding but I will soon be a student again).  As most of you know, I am following my dream in becoming a hospice nurse in just a few short weeks! 

So here we go...

The Subway is still way too hot..

Daisy is still too cute...

Friends help me unwind from wedding and school stress!

Summer is almost over!

Daisy is still cute.

Really? I wonder if she knows?

Fans are done.

Table names are done.

Wine cork picture frames are done. 

Desanding station almost done. 

Card birdcage done...too bad Jimmy doesn't like it. 

On that note...we bid you goodnight!

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