Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok ..17 days is a long time!

Hi Everyone-

So as most of you know, I took a break from blogging and Facebook to concentrate on studying until my big test...well I had to cheat a little this morning (17 days is a long time...gimmie some credit). 

Back in 2001, I began pursuing my nursing goal and life got the best of me.  My dad's death, money woes,   juggling school and two jobs, and well...just life and growing up.  I did complete all of my pre-reqs back in 2004. forward many moons to today.  Some of those hard earned credits have expired and I am having to choose between taking them over and waiting another year to begin my nursing program or to test out of them for a cost and an intense 30 day study period.  So, that's where I have been.  I have been studying..studying...studying.   The test is a tyrant and has a "no joke" reputation, but I am confident I can relearn the material because I know my passion will push my forward.  So Anatomy and Physiology I and II bring it (and I mean that in the nicest way..please don't really bring it).  My test is scheduled for August 19th.  So here we go...

The wedding...well...we have packed most of our boxes.  The fans are still not complete, but we are working on it.  Because we are having a destination wedding, we have to ship the majority of things to our wedding planner. sorts and a total of 11 boxes.  Kids...shipping is expensive ( a little lesson for the day).

So that's where I have been.  So just almost at the 2 month mark, my focus is shifting to my books BUT I will be back and I promise to update after the bachelorette and bachelor parties on August 13th.

On a side note...and not to say I agree with phone tapping or voicemail hacking in the slightest  but wowzer Wendi Murdoch-now that's a wife! Way to stand by your man!

Much love to you all and I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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