Monday, August 22, 2011

The zipper that wouldn't zip

What I need is an honest friend.  You remember when I got my dress back from the seamstress and everything looked perfect.  I felt great.  I was exercising every day and ready for Vegas and all of the pool parties. forward...two I am nothing to do tonight and what a perfect time and night to finish off some wedding projects.  Whats the best way to motivate yourself to begin wedding projects.  Try on your dress. 

So the scale has been my friend lately and friends seem to be saying "wow you look thin" a lot which either means I was a cow last year or I have indeed lost weight.  Those two factors have made me think it's ok to try the dress on.  So I did.  Well...kind of.  The sucker wouldn't zip.  

Granted I ate two tacos (I blame the mister he didn't finish them off for lunch) and it may be getting close to you know what, but still...really?  I am bigger now than I was in June.  <Motha effin sigh> 

And it might be because I have not be exercising everyday and actually even "Map My Run" called me out on it.  You havn't exercised since Aug 11th.  Thanks "MMR."  So tomorrow I run.  No matter rain or sunshine.  I run.
And the next 40 days I will not...

So here goes...

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