Sunday, August 21, 2011

41 days woohoo

Bachelor parties are officially over and we have survived (barely).  Now I am full wedding swing and putting the finishing touches on everything or throwing it to the scrapping room floor.  Which makes me wonder how many other things have ended up there.  For instance, growing up I imagined getting married in a huge beautiful church with a cathedral veil.  Can you imagine bridesmaids make their way down the aisle only to have the doors come to a close...behind them I smile and wait and then the sounds of the wedding march and everyone stands...I make my way pass friends and family to my (do I dare say) astonished maybe even tearful groom.  I imagined a Cinderella like dress and I even imagined wearing a blue sash.  So what else is on that floor? Here's a list:

1. lemon centerpieces
2. orange bridesmaid dresses
3. pumpkin centerpieces
4. floral centerpieces
5. flip flops as favors
6. a viel
7. yellow high heels
8. our song for our first dance
9. dance lessons
10. a wedding video 
11. sit down dinner
12. teeth whitening
13. actually exercising every day
14. bridesmaid wearing mix match dresses
and a few pictures of ideas which have come and gone...

Thank. God. 

But what do we have...we have my dream wedding for the dreams I dream today, tonight, and tomorrow.  We are having a wedding that we will cherish the memories for the rest of our lives.  I am so blessed and so incredibly lucky to being having my dream wedding of any kind so yesterdays dreams I will trade in for tomorrow's reality and my own "happily ever after."  This is still my year of jubilee and we are achieving everything we have set forth and dared to dream about.  Our friends and family who have gone above and beyond amaze me every day for everything they do.  I am just humbled by their generosity and love.  So what can I leave you with for cup runnith over and thank you for making this year the best year of my life...and of course an even bigger thank you to my future husband who has made every dream of mine come true...well be continued. :)

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