Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello all-
Wow. We are really getting close to our big day (53 days) and we cannot be more excited.  I wanted to share some exciting news that has been going on.
Last night, my other half and I walked in the door after long days scrambling up dinner and plopping down on the couch.  As he was sorting the mail, he excitedly passed something to me.  ME- I’m thinking ..maybe we hit the lottery?  But then I look down and <insert utter excitement and shock> I see the White House as a return address! We have our blessing from the President!  As most of you remember, I sent out two very important last minute invites months ago to Micky and Minnie Mouse and The Obamas.  I received a package from the Magic Kingdom shortly after, but after waiting a month or two I gave up hope on Mr. President imagining he must have been too busy running our country to respond (understandably so…some of my friends couldn’t find time in-between bar and bed hopping to respond).
So here it is…

In other news…
School is getting very exciting and nerve racking!!  We are still awaiting my awards from scholarship and grants from our financial aid Gods.  

I have to register for classes tomorrow and my refresher classes start tonight.  I still have my huge Exam for A & P in one week!! And I have to pass it to enter my program…no pressure!  So while I should be studying I couldn’t resist you and my blog for one more second…don’t worry I’ll go soon.

Bachelorette Party weekend!! He’s having his <gulp> and I am having mine <even bigger gulp> this weekend.  Most of you know I have planned every event/birthday/anything in my life.  Not this one! My amazing MOH is keeping me in the complete dark with not even a night light of insight of what may unfold this weekend.  Love her. 

Mom..I am sure it will be like this.

And Groomsmen and boys...please none of this.

And then my amazing soon to be sister in law is throwing my bridal shower (in a month or so) and planning away the details.  Love her!  I am super duper excited for both, and I cannot wait to be surprised which is hard to do for me! Yes, mom, I looked at all of my Christmas presents growing up.  The closet is not a good hiding place for a Barbie bus…FYI and yes, I may look for receipts come Christmas and Birthday time.

So all I can leave you with is…WOOOHOOOO and a little bit of Daisy love to help your day and bring a smile.  These were her breeder pictures when we first inquired about her…she had been the last pick b/c of her little birthmark.

Apparently she was a nascar fan before we got her.

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