Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Travel Updates/Centerpieces

Hoping to hear from our the rental agent tonight so we may lock down our hotel rooms and give everyone pricing.  Stay tuned...but if a rental is not the way you'd like to go we have rooms blocked at the Double Tree under Tobin/Barron wedding and at the Southernmost under "Tobin."  Double Tree is a bit further but offers a free shuttle to and from. Their rates are $119 a night and have the a great resort feel and pool. (1-800-222-TREE)  The Southernmost where the wedding and reception are being held, rooms start at $158 a night.  They have 3 sister properties so I suggest calling them for pricing and remember if you book before April 1st you received an additional 5% off and make sure to mention "Tobin" to receive a blocked room. 

House,Bed and Breakfasts, and Inn rentals...
Vacation Rentals call Toll free: (800) 797-8787 or (800) 294-9560
Local: (305) 296-9292 or 294-9560

EMAIL: reservations@vacationrentalskeywest.com

Make sure to mention you are apart of the Tobin/Barron wedding party for additional savings!

We have switched our centerpieces to milk glass bud vases with Gerber Daisies along with mason jars of sand and shells with a candle in the middle.  We will still be having arrangements, but James and I both really like the rustic no mess no fuss feel.  I included a few pictures as well as a map of Key West for everyone.

Rental Cars
Key West is known for it's small island feel..and that it is.  Most everything is within walking distance from your hotel or rental.  Most people do not rent cars, but some rent electric cars, mopeds, or bikes.  However, if you have little or old feet within your group, we are looking into transportation to and from the wedding venue. Stay tuned...

On a personal note...thank you everyone for your support.  I am so thankful for an amazing family, gaggle of friends, and soon to be family!  I am so excited even in my darkest moment of stress,and I am the happiest girl in the world for all of my dreams are coming true and we get to have all of our close friends and family in one place for one weekend! We are so truly blessed.

Just a few ideas...

Key West Map...our wedding venue is at "South Beach"

Milk Glasses with Daisies

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