Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have the dresses but where are the girls?

I made a big decision last night and changed our wedding colors all by my lonesome (and a very sick mother).  After a lot of thought, I have decided to go with 3 colors.  True Blue, Orange and Yellow which I have attached.  I went with blue to bring the essence of fall and sophistication to the wedding. I love the bridal party dresses. I am planning on adding a splash of color on the dresses with an orange flower and a yellow flower either in the hair or the belt.  As soon as I get the dresses I will know for sure and how the colors can play out. 

Follow me into my vision.  Steel drums begin playing "you are my sunshine" a song my father sang to me as a child, and then a stunning bridal party in true blue dresses with yellow and orange accents walk down the aisle, me in an off white off the shoulder gown with a yellow flower in my hair and yellow shoes to match, yellow satin bows on white chairs on the beach with orange rose petals lining the aisle, my brother Andy will walk me down the aisle to steel drums playing "here comes the bride"(as my father's last wish to me) and we will then be married by the ocean with close friends and family members by our side...groomsmen and groom attire is up in the air still but heck let's head on over to the reception. Guests will sign in with a Polaroid camera and guest book where they can sign next to their candid photo, then they will head to two baskets filled with orange, yellow, and blue flip flops so they may kick off their shoes and dance the night away, the seashell guest cards are next which the guests can keep as photo holders which will indicate what table name they will be seated at, then the guests will journey across the white tent with yellow and orange lanterns to the tables with chairs with satin yellow sashes and yellow and orange centerpieces of Daisies, Gerber's, and lilies placed in the middle of the beach named table, next the cake...a beautiful white cake with daisies flowing down the side with fondant icing, white cake and key lime filling, a wonderful display of Luau food and frozen drinks for the first hour and a buffet for dinner to follow, on to the candy buffet where yellow candies are flowing over in 7 different types and large jars: lemon heads, banana runts, yellow taffy and much more with bright orange lollipops sticking out of each jar for the guests to take home a bright orange bag full of joy at the end of the night...guests will be dancing and singing the night away and laughing with dear friends and family members. :)...Ladies and gentlemen our wedding.

I can't wait for it. I am excited for it all to come together...can you see it too???  I know it's not your wedding and your life is busy but this is the only time I am getting married...the only time I will ever get to be a bride... and if you know me in the slightest you know I have been dreaming of this day since I was 4. It's hard being in NY without family members and friends who live close.  I am trying to stay positive but today is one of those days where I am regretting letting James talk me into this wedding that is costing us a small fortune that we don't have.  If it were up to me and we could remind 6 months...we'd plan on being in Hawaii under a waterfall saying our "I Do"s.  It kind of reminds me of 2nd grade gym class and no one wants to be on my team...but in my case everyone is too busy with their own lives to be on my team. It's sad, but it's life and I have to remember this wedding is about James and I...whether friends answer calls...or moms like the dress or anyone RSVP's or even shows...James and I will still have the day of my dreams and end it with a marriage that leads to happy ever after. Time to grow up:)


  1. It's a beautiful vision, thank you for sharing it! I can see it, and it looks amazing :)
    Love, Bree


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