Friday, December 31, 2010

I love our neighborhood!

I just walked into my favorite shop in the East Village on my way to Kmart on the hunt for cheap ribbon and christmas lights for next year, and saw they had their dog in there.  Of course, I had to pet Cadillac and we all began to chat...they had champagne :) and I mentioned our wedding and no plans for tonight..blah blah..blah...( hey I said I would stop complaining after tonight but give me tonight)...sooo...she gave me a dress! Gave me a gorgeous red silk and slinky sexy dress and said," now don't you dare stay home tonight." I <3 my neighborhood!! Of course, I had to buy a $15 dress out of the clearance bin to make my soul feel better for the gift, BUT two dresses for $15 get outta town! I doubt we are actually going to go out, but hey..who says I can't dress up for Jimmy:).

WE also got another jar for the candy table and our birdcage for cards for the wedding. I got my bridal pearls yesterday that I won through Vante Jewelry and Lydia at Ever (aka the best bridal blog ever).

So good-bye 2010, you weren't so bad.  You brought new friends into my life and taught me how to grow and love again. You gave James the resources:) and courage to pop the question! And you brought two amazing babies into our lives and have watched over them closely.  You brought smiles and some tears, but overall you have been good to me except for that whole eeky 30 thing, but thank you!

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