Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas has come and gone

Since James and I got engaged almost 1 year exactly before our wedding date, everyone keeps on insisting we have "so much time and that it's too early for this and that." Well...people and close friends...remember on Halloween when you said," I can't believe there is Christmas decorations up already and how it is too soon?"...but then you were that last minute shopper buying the best gift you could find at a 24/7 Kmart on Christmas Eve? My's 9 months...still no excitement from friends and family. I get it. It's our won't be as important to anyone...and I understand everyone lives over 100 miles away from us...but it still makes me sad that the best time of my life is spent calling, facebooking, and emailing friends and family member to try to get them involved. Which is comical because I wanted to elope and James said," no we should bring our friends and family together to celebrate our big day...that it would be nice to have everyone together." Frustrating...this is the part where I end venting about the people in my life...It's my New Year Resolutions to not complain and to not complain about money we are spending to have this be more this is my last vent. I understand why they serve wine at so many pre-wedding events now! grrrrr...

NOW...I do have a lot to be grateful for and I know in my heart God has a plan for me and James. So for that I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and I wish everyone love, joy, health and happiness in this coming year of Jubilee. AND I wish we lived closer to friends and family so I wouldn't have to vent to cyberspace about the lack of engagement, bridal showers, and overall support! :) Much love to anyone who actually is reading this...Mwwwaaahhhh. Whhhooooaaass me I know:) I'm done. Last complaint!'s our anniversary..our last dating anniversary soon to be replaced with our wedding anniversary next year. James is working...:( and no big plans for tonight or tomorrow for that matter...may be to blame for my somber mood this evening but I blame Cinderella and Bella Swan...both fictional fall over themselves and fight the dragon/um..vampire?...for setting the bar so freaking high!

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